With increasing digitalisation across the industry, organisations are looking for trading and risk management solutions able to handle the complex fundamentals of the metals markets to maximise profitability for trading desks.
Topaz has been expertly designed to cover the nuances across the various metals markets, including accurate units and FX handling, discounting, and physical optionality valuation.
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Extensive coverage
Futures, monthly average futures, swaps and unpriced averages, listed options, TAPOs, CSOs and more across all base, ferrous and precious metals
Real time reporting
See live, intra-day valuations including discounting, P&L, exposure / riskcard, greeks and VaR
Accurate conversions
NaturalState(TM) Representation means all data is stored in its natural form, providing the basis for accurate units and FX conversions
Full P&L explanation
Broken out by vol/price changes, trade amendments and greeks
Physical optionality
Support for backpricing options and QP optionality, integrated reporting with hedges
Stress testing
Comprehensive functionality including price, volatility and time stress