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The Topaz Physical module builds on the core Derivatives module to provide full physical risk management capability across multiple commodities. View mark-to-market, P&L and risk across physical deals, costs and hedges in real time. See the effect of physical operations on exposure and mark-to-market and value physical optionality accurately.
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  • Cross-commodity physicals including oil, gas, and power
  • Capture and report on costs associated with physical trading
  • Full trade capture including operational details and pricing optionality
  • Full multi-currency support

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  • Real-time pricing, mark-to-market and P&L calculation, at any level across multiple portfolios
  • Valuation of physical trades incorporates effects of operational details (e.g. ops dates, quantities, densities, exercise decisions on options)
  • Valuation Explanation - our unique feature shows you exactly how we have calculated each valuation (physicals and derivatives), so you can easily reconcile or troubleshoot
  • Full P&L Change Explanation, broken out by market data changes, trade amendments, and operations data changes
  • NaturalState™ Representation: All data is stored in its natural form such as the correct units (never mapped or converted), which provides the basis for our accurate units conversion
  • Speed and scalability, even for large trade volumes such as lightering or trucking

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  • Complete view of market risk across physical and financial contracts
  • Real-time exposure calculation at any level across multiple portfolios
  • Exposure calculation includes effects of operation details
  • View exposures broken down by different time granularities from hours all the way to years, and mix granularities in the same report
  • Easily view all exposures converted into consistent units

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  • Flexible reporting, including full customisation of reports with multiple metrics and data broken out in multiple ways
  • Comprehensive drill down for more granular reporting
  • Every report can be charted and exported to Excel
  • All data is fully versioned and all reports can be run historically
  • Instantaneous close of book functionality for end of day reports

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  • Well designed OpenAPI and gRPC APIs (Application Programming Interface) for easy integration
  • Excel add-in trade blotter
  • Trade feeds from internal systems via the Topaz API
  • Market data uploads via Excel or from other systems via the Topaz API
  • Live reporting feed into Excel for real-time custom analysis