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The Topaz Derivatives module provides real-time, cross-commodity trading and risk management capabilities. This module provides the core of the Topaz platform and our other specialist modules can be added seamlessly to provide further functionality within the same reports.
  • Cross-commodity derivatives including oil, base and precious metals, gas, power, softs, iron ore, coal, chemicals, and freight
  • Futures, swaps, forwards, and FFAs (wet, dry, TCA)
  • Vanilla options, asians, swaptions, spot options, CSOs, spread options*
  • FX forwards and options
  • Fixed income including interest rate swaps and futures, FRAs
  • Equities
  • Full multi-currency support

  • Real-time valuation and P&L calculation, at any level across multiple portfolios
  • Speed and scalability, even for large trade volumes
  • Full cashflow discounting framework
  • Excel add-in functions for pricing sheets using system models and market data
  • Valuation Explanation - our unique feature shows you exactly how we have calculated each valuation, so you can easily reconcile or troubleshoot
  • Full P&L Change Explanation, broken out by market data such as forward curves, fixings, vols, FX rates, and more, along with trade amendments
  • NaturalState™ Representation: All data is stored in its natural form including the original units, which provides the basis for our accurate units conversions

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  • Real-time exposure calculation at any level across multiple portfolios
  • All greeks including diffs and bleeds calculated in real-time at any level across multiple portfolios
  • View exposures broken down by different time granularities from hours all the way to years, and mix granularities in the same report
  • Easily view all exposures converted into consistent units
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic options prices and values

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  • Flexible reporting, including full customisation of reports with multiple metrics and data broken out in multiple ways
  • Comprehensive drill down for detailed reporting on subsets of data
  • Every report can be charted or exported to Excel
  • All data is fully versioned and all reports can be run historically
  • Instantaneous close of book functionality for end of day reports

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  • Well designed OpenAPI and gRPC APIs (Application Programming Interface) for easy integration
  • Excel add-in trade blotter
  • Trade feeds via STP (CME and ICE)
  • Trade feeds from internal systems via the Topaz API
  • Market data uploads via Excel or from other systems via the Topaz API
  • Live reporting feed into Excel for real-time custom analysis